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Ketamine: Magic Drug Or Dangerous Addiction?

by admin on October 22, 2021

By Annika Lindorsson Krugel A recent study has discovered that Ketamine, traditionally an anesthetic for animals, could help treating patients with depression. While most anti-depressants must be taken every day, and even so, can take several months to become effective, [...]


Dopamine And Teenage Alcohol And Drug Use

by admin on October 21, 2022

Although previously suggested by various studies, the idea that some individuals are more susceptible to becoming addicted to alcohol and other drugs has never been backed up by scientific evidence. But a new study by the U.S. Department of Energy’s [...]


Two Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) programs have been rewarded for their work in teaching young athletes about healthy alternatives to steroids, sport supplements, alcohol and other drugs.


Understanding Steroids

by admin on October 18, 2022

Steroids, or anabolic-androgenic steroids, AAS, are synthetic reproductions of the male sex hormone testosterone, which is a naturally occurring substance. The term anabolic originates from the Greek word anabole meaning “that which is thrown up, mound”. As such, the term [...]


Proposition 19 In Short

by admin on October 13, 2022

There are strong opinions on both sides of the proposed legalization of marijuana in the state of California. What follows is a run-down of what the act proposes to legalize and what it will continue to prohibit. Proposition 19, or [...]


By Annika Lindorsson Krugel The headlines this week saw a house party go terribly wrong with 12 teenagers rushed to hospital following a suspected mass date-rape drug overdose. The drug is thought to have been poured into the drinks of [...]


Cigarette Smoking And High School Drop Out

by admin on October 11, 2022

By Annika Lindorsson Krugel The American Lung Association has indentified smoking as the leading source of preventable disease and illness as well as the main cause of premature death in the country. This should not come as a surprise to [...]

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Childhood ADHD And Teen Substance Abuse

by admin on October 7, 2022

By Annika Lindorsson Krugel Scientists have found that childhood ADHD, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, could be as significant as having a family member with alcohol or substance abuse when predicting the risk of later alcohol problems in teens. ADHD Contributes To [...]


Facts About Vicodin

by admin on October 6, 2022

What Is Vicodin? Vicodin contains a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid similar to morphine. Acetaminophen contains paracetamol, a less potent pain killer that is used to enhance the effect of hydrocodone. Does Vicodin Have Other [...]


Nitrous Oxide: No Laughing Matter?

by admin on October 5, 2022

By Annika Lindorsson Krugel In the last week nitrous oxide has hit the headlines more than once; Prince Harry is reportedly partying the night away on the “hippy crack”, and police in Anaheim, California, are linking at least two cases [...]


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