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Teen Drug Abuse Resources 

Transportation safety awarness. 
Alcohol: Problems and Solutions
Taking on the issues associated with alcohol.
Drunk Busters of America
Impairment goggles are the finest, most affordable goggles on the market!
Drugs Information UK
Information on various illegal drugs. This site explains how these harmful drugs are taken and what symptoms to look out for, also helplines in the UK.
Here in BADvertising Country we counter the seduction by doctoring-up tobacco ads to make them honest
Fulfilling its mission of "saving lives by inspiring youth to be drug free."
Alcohol and Addiction Recovery Resources.
Street Drugs
Street drug information and resources. 

NICD  (National Institute on Chemical Dependency) Articles and Directories for: Addictions, Prevention, Recovery, Medical, Health and Wellness, Mental Health, Professionals, Education, Family, Spirituality, and Other Social Issues.

Help and information about rehab, detox and treatment 
Comprehensive directory and guide to everything in Southern California 
Alcoholism and Addictions Treatment Help and Information 
The alcohol education and research council 
We're here to help youth professionals help youth. 
Important information about anorexia.
Neurofeed and Backbiofeedback technology. 
TestCountry.com offers affordable home test kits like hair drug testing, fertility testing, early pregnancy tests, ovulation predictors, and drug tests for hair testing marijuana test kit, and HIV Home Tests.
A Valuable Rehab Directory and Information Resource.
Parenting with Dignity, featured on ABC's 20/20, teaches parents how to instill a sense of responsible decision making in their kids. Discover five simple rules for parents, and learn how "The ideas in our kids' heads rule their world."
Your complete resource for Kids and children. Designed for better parenting in mind. Helpful information on and children and kids. Created by parents for kids. Up to date articles on children and kids, with FREE online games and FREE downloadable games. KidsDirect is a Child Safe Site.
An online community for single parents! 

Christian Harbor
Offering support and resources from a Christian Twelve Step perspective.
A preferred  Interventionist of the Best Treatment Centers.
Kids.gov is the official interagency children's portal to the U.S. Government. This kid-safe site features more than 400 kid-friendly links in one easy-to-find place. Kids can learn about everything from fighting crime and exploring the world to music and space.
Do you stay at home, work at home or just want to be at home? Visit The Light Keeper.com, a site dedicated to those who Keep the Light at Home! You'll find articles, ideas, links, resources, information, tips - everything you need to help Keep the Light in your home. Sign up for our free newsletter, too!
Best parenting book to teach children respect and characte Great educational resource.
For a Healthier Body-Mind-Spirit-Environemnt. 
Alcoholics Anonymous History. 
Advanced Treatment of Opiate Dependency 
A center of therapy, healing and health. 
Drug Rehab Program-Alcohol Treatment Center-California
Outstanding drug and alcohol treatment center based in Hemet, California. Hospital-based and able to assist patients in all aspects of their care, from acute medical detoxification through rehabilitation and aftercare. In addition to alcohol and drug dependency rehabilitation programs, we provide specialty services in the treatment of chronic pain and addiction as well as special programs for older adults. Able to handle complex medical cases and concurrent mental health issues. Accepts Medicare.
Alcoholics Anonymous Links Page 
Catalog of Alcoholics Anonymous 
Addiction Resource Guide
A comprehensive directory of addication treatment facilities online.
Turning Leaf Press
Recovery Wisdom One Day at a Time.
Recovery Zone
12 step support site that features The Big book of AA
online in FREE streaming audio format.
Addiction Recover
We put troubled lives back together.
Losing Jonathan
The book Losing Jonathan is about a desperate struggle of parents to reclaim
their son's life from drug addiction, their grief, and recovery.
Drug Scope
Informing policy, reducing risk.
Teens and Drugs - Search for inpatient or outpatient drug treatment facilities by state, city, zip code or by name.
Your Social Worker - Helping folks resolve problems related to personal, marital, child, adolescent, family, parenting, separation, divorce, and child custody and access issues with services such as counselling, mediation, assessment and more.
Families and Parenting - Parenting books and videos for raising children of all ages!
The Family Compass - Teen Drug Abuse Resources
The Family Compass brings together a vast collection of resources that will help families find their bearings. Including informational articles and books, hotlines and helplines, advice, a directory of related websites, how-tos, recommendations, support, and much more.
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Teen Drug Abuse Articles
Methamphetamine - Physical and Social Effects.
Teen Smoking - Why they start and how it is effecting teens socially and physically.
Teen Drug Use Statistics I - A few alarming statistics of teen drug use.
Teen Drug Use Statistics II - Some more interesting statistics on teen drug use.

Alcohol on Campus - The trends of alcohol consumption on college campuses.
Teens and Steroids - Effects and warning signs of teen steroid use.

Ecstacy - Teens and the Drug Ecstacy.
Over the Counter Drug Abuse - The rising trend of teens abusing over the counter drugs.

Household Products - If your teenager decides to experiment with drugs, their first high may not come from illicit drugs, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, or marijuana.

Club Drugs - As clubs grow in popularity among teens, so do the drugs associated with clubs.
Marijuana - Marijuana Use Among Teens.

Teen Drug Use
- The Health Effects of Teen Drug Use. 
Teens and Alcohol - The Health Effects of Teen Alcohol Use.
Teen Drug Addiction -  Addiction patterns and statitistics of teen drug abuse.
Inhalants - The Silent Epidemic: Teens and the Use of Inhalants.
Cocaine Use Among Teens -  A definition and warning signs of cocaine use among teens.
Prescription Drug Abuse -  Recognizing the prescription drugs that are being abused by teens.

Hallucinogens -  Understanding hallucinogens and how they are abused by teens.

Addiction and the Family -  Raising drug free teenagers.

Overindulgent Parents -  There is a link between teenage drug use and overindulgent parents.

Teen Addiction -  Talking to teens about addiction.
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