Proposition 19 In Short

by admin on October 13, 2022

There are strong opinions on both sides of the proposed legalization of marijuana in the state of California. What follows is a run-down of what the act proposes to legalize and what it will continue to prohibit. Proposition 19, or [...]


Childhood ADHD And Teen Substance Abuse

by admin on October 7, 2022

By Annika Lindorsson Krugel Scientists have found that childhood ADHD, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, could be as significant as having a family member with alcohol or substance abuse when predicting the risk of later alcohol problems in teens. ADHD Contributes To [...]


Parents Hold Key To Reducing Teen Marijuana Use

by admin on September 30, 2022

By Annika Lindorsson Krugel A recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports an increase in illicit drug use from 8 per cent of the population aged 12 years and older in 2009 to 8.7 [...]

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Yes or No: Drugs Bits and Tips

by admin on December 17, 2021

Answer the following questions or statements by YES or NO. After your done, read the rest of the post and check how well aware you are about street drugs. NO CHEATING. Inhalants such as glue and paint thinner can kill [...]


In 1975, shortly after NIDA was established, NIDA’s first Monitoring the Future study (MTF) began to collect data on drug use among the Nation’s high school seniors. In 1991, 8th- and 10th-grade students were added to the annual study to [...]