Teen Drug Abuse Rehabs & Detox Centers in Miami
teen drug abuse
teen drug problem
teenage alcohol abuse

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Agape Network 22790 SW 112 Ave 305-235-2616
danonmcclo danonmcclo@transy.edu danonmcclo
DUI Resolutions 7765 SW 87th Avenue (305) 412-8440
Heres Help Inc 9016 SW 152nd Street (305) 238-8500
Jewish Community Services of 1790 SW 27th Avenue (305) 445-0555
Marie Claire Blanco 11401 SW 40 Street, S 327 305-226-6720
Maximum Counseling Services Inc 915 NE 125th Street (305) 895-2626
New Era Health Center 9600 SW 8th Street (305) 559-8838
New Horizons Community MH Center 1469 NW 36th Street (305) 635-7444
Peaceful Minds Inc. S Kendall Drive 7864135347
Professional Health Network 7800 SW 87th Avenue (305) 274-4330
Quapaw Tribal Family Services 17 Seneca Street (888) 333-4902
Regis House 2010 NW 7th Street (305) 642-7600x
South Miami Hospital 7401 SW 62nd Avenue (305) 662-8118
Spectrum Programs Inc 11031 NE 6th Avenue (305) 757-0602x
Substance Abuse Control Center Inc 6850 SW 24th Street (305) 887-8155
Village Adolescent Treatment for 9400 NW 12th Street (305) 573-3784
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Through Online Tests and Questionnaire filled out by parents this Comprehensive Assessment alerts Parents to any emotional, psychological,learning, or behavioral disorders that may be negatively affecting their Teen!
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Most struggling teens don't lack the ability to obey parents or follow house rules. They just aren't motivated to do so! This Video shows parents how to change that!!!
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Difficult Teens - Suggestion for Parents
Teen Drug Use - 34 Warning signs
teen substance abuse
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