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teen drug abuse
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Kenia Maldonado 10 West 135th Street 212-491-9816
Leslie Feher, Ph.D. 444 East 82 Street 212-988-6617
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Matthias Beier 98 Riverside Dr, # 1A 973-408-3028
Matthias Beier, Ph.D. 98 Riverside Dr @ West 82nd Street, # 1A 973-408-3028
Matthias Beier, Ph.D. (new address) 25 West 81st Street, Suite 1 D 212-724-9011
Metropolitan Center for Mental Health 1090 Saint Nicholas Avenue (212) 543-4445
New York Presbyterian Hospital 411 East 69th Street (212) 746-1277
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North General Hospital 1824 Madison Avenue (212) 423-4813
Paul Aaron - Psychotherapist TRS Inc., Professional Suite, 44 E 32nd St., 11th Floor 212-685-2848
Paul Aaron, LMHC, CASAC TRS, Inc., Professional Suite, 44 E. 32nd St., 11th Floor 212-685-2848
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PLWwhexffw http://bpchhsqzroyn.com/ 75471204175
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Through Online Tests and Questionnaire filled out by parents this Comprehensive Assessment alerts Parents to any emotional, psychological,learning, or behavioral disorders that may be negatively affecting their Teen!
  Free Video - How to Motivate your Teen!
Most struggling teens don't lack the ability to obey parents or follow house rules. They just aren't motivated to do so! This Video shows parents how to change that!!!
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Difficult Teens - Suggestion for Parents
Teen Drug Use - 34 Warning signs
teen substance abuse
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