Troubling Teen Drug Use Statistics

The negative effects of teen drug use are undeniable and obvious. When considering those negative effects, it is alarming to see some of the actual statistics concerning the amount of teen drug use in highschools and middle schools. In addition, many parents have felt that their teen’s alcohol use is ok because it isn’t a harder drug like crack, or heroine. However, it should be noted that alcohol kills five times more teenagers than all other drugs combined(usually through accidents)! Below are just a few of alarming statics associated with teen drug use and the effects of alcohol on teenagers.

– Illicit teen drug use as of 2003.
* 8th grade — 30.3%
* 10th grade — 44.9%
* 12th grade — 52.8%

– Underage drinking costs the United States more than $58 billion dollars annually, enough for a new state of the art computer for every student.

– In the last thirty days 50% of teenagers report drinking with 32% being drunk at least on one occasion.

If you have a child that is dealing with teen drug abuse and or substance abuse, please help them get the help they need to turn their life around.